The Art/Science to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty!

3 Classes | 3 Lives | 3 Weeks

Kicks off this coming Thursday.
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Each Thursday , you will discover my best coaching secrets…

Find out what seven years of research talking to Neuroscientists, Psychologists, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and talking to people across the world about change has uncovered...

Learn the way your brain is designed (to resist change) that causes you to respond negatively in certain situations and how to control it for a positive outcome...

Harness the science by putting it into practice using proven coaching tools to open yourself up to a wider breadth of opportunities and find your North Star through the uncertainty fog...

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A few key things to note...

• The webinar classes will run every week on Thursday’s at 12:00 (BST UK) for 3-weeks
• The Coaching Tasks set each week will take between 10 – 30 minutes to complete 
• The Facebook Live calls will be on the same day at 18:00 (BST UK) for 3-weeks

The Facebook Live calls are there to support you in your tasks for the week and help you get a plan in place for finding a positive path forward. 

Don’t worry if you miss a class. If you miss any of the classes or live calls, please click on ‘Announcements’ in this group to watch anything back that you need to. :)

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Yup, I cover EVERYTHING you need to get your mind clear and your butt in gear!

And the best part?

You don't pay a penny! :-)

Yup, this Mini-Course with a class a week, tasks to take away and change lives is 100% free :-)

Now you might be wondering, "What's the catch? Why's Jay doing this for FREE?"

And it's a good question!

The truth is, there are two reasons...

The first is - this is my PASSION!

I know what it’s like to feel paralysed by uncertainty and worry, and powerless to support myself and those around me. 

As mentioned, I've spent the past seven years uncovering the secrets and strategies to not only survive in adversity but succeed in a way that I never imagined would be possible. :-)

And now I get to coach women on how to push pass their internal barriers, providing tangible tools, grounded in science and years of change management research that they can use in their own life.

Second, at the end of the course, I'm going to be offering a small group of women the opportunity to work with me for longer...

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For those wanting a little more guidance on how to navigate their career and lead teams through change…

There is an extra option to work with me further after the mini-course!

But if it’s not for you, you're free to leave after this mini-course with all my hard-won coaching tools, tricks and techniques I've learned over the past decade without investing in anything.


Register before the doors close...

I can't wait to see you in there 😊

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Jay has a truly mesmerizing way of delivering her content and expertise around "Thriving in Uncertainty".

Amy Blades

The world needs Jay and her teachings right now, more than ever. She gave us practical things to help us deal with change.

Anita Phagura

Jay’s presenting was natural, full of enthusiasm, organically passionate, backed up by hard fact and carefully directed at a diverse audience addressing key issues individually.

Anna-Marie Trzebinski

I would love to re-listen again and make notes and take it back to my service (NHS) to support some of my colleagues. Thank you Jay for this amazing insight!

Jules Rutherford