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Professional Women Managers wanting to rise to the challenge without burning out.

Feeling Lost Navigating Through Uncertainty?
Wondering How To Keep Team Morale Up?
Experiencing More Exhaustion than Ever?

Create clarity and confidence in your next steps and develop a plan to move forward with a sense of hope, motivation, and optimism for 2021.


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Starts Monday 01 February 2021

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✔️Reignite your passion and resilience
✔️Navigate Uncertainty and Plan the coming year
✔️Support your team in challenging times

In This 5-Day "Thrive" Series, You Will Discover My Best Coaching Secrets…

👉🏼Discover tactics to stay calm under pressure

👉🏼Learn to remain in control amidst the chaos

👉🏼Navigate and make better decisions in times of great uncertainty

👉🏼Cut through all the distractions and overwhelm, and stay focused 

👉🏼Plan the year ahead with clarity and confidence in your bigger vision

👉🏼Walk away with your first courageous steps to move you forward

Everything I share is grounded in research and practical solutions shared in a fun and engaging way!

Here's what you won't get...

👎🏼No Toxic Positivity
👎🏼No W*nky B*llocks
👎🏼No "New Year New You" BS
👎🏼No "Woo" Crap!
👎🏼No Overwhelm
👎🏼No Death By Boring Powerpoint

⚠️ WARNING: This isn't a stuffy corporate training type of gig! ⚠️

I share real STORIES, human SCIENCE, and practical STRATEGIES for thriving in your personal and professional life for determined Professional Women who want to rise to this challenge without burning out.

Worried about the time commitment?!

This challenge has been designed for the busy woman and is just a 20-minute commitment per day! Lovely, you deserve to commit just 20-minutes to YOU!

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Yup, I cover EVERYTHING you need to get your mind clear and your butt in gear

And the best part? 

You Don't Pay One Penny!

Yup, this 5-Day "Thrive" Challenge with daily training, tools to take away and FB lives is 100% FREE 🤩

Now you might be wondering...

"What's the catch? Why's Jay doing this for FREE?"

And it's a good question!

The truth is, there are two reasons...

Firstly, this is my PASSION!

I know what it’s like to feel paralysed by uncertainty, worry, and indecision.

Feeling directionless and powerless to take control of my career and LIFE!

I've spent seven years uncovering the secrets and strategies to not only survive through adversity but thrive amidst all the challenges!

And now I get to coach women on how to push past their own internal barriers.

Sharing the tangible tools, grounded in science and years of change management research, that they can use in their own life.

Secondly, I have something else a little special coming up!

At the end of the 5-Days, I'm going to be offering a small group of women the opportunity to work with me for longer.

(oh those lucky souls!)

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So, if after the 5-Day "Thrive" Series you want a little more guidance on how to navigate a successful career and lead effectively through change…

There is an EXTRA option you can choose whether or not to opt into to work with me further.

After you get all of your freebies, of course!!!

But if it’s not for you, you're free to leave after this challenge with all my best coaching tools, tricks, and techniques with no questions asked!


Register before the doors close...

I can't wait to see you there 😊

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?


1. You register with your email address and you're in. Yay!
2. Check your registration email and follow the instructions to join the Facebook Group. 
3. Every day at 8 am for 5-days you'll get access to a short 5-10 min video.

You can also join me every day at 1 pm for the Q&A Facebook Live.

After the 5-days you're going to have the clarity and confidence you need to take this next step.

What's the time commitment?

- This challenge has been designed for the busy woman!
- You can catch the videos on-demand at any time that day (those viewing live get a chance to win £££ worth of prizes) 
- Videos will be available from 8 am and are 10 mins long.
- Daily tasks will take you about 10 mins to do in your own time.
- Q&A Live calls with Jay happen on the same day at 1 pm in case you have questions.

Everything has been designed for your convenience, ease and NO OVERWHELM!

What are the Q&A Lives for?

There is an added bonus where you can join Jay live at 1 pm to ask any questions about the videos or tasks. You can access this through the Facebook group.
There's also a very special event on the final day (Friday at 1 pm) - you're not going to want to miss it!

What if I miss a class or a live call?

Don't worry at all.
You will be able to access all of the content on-demand for a time that works for you.

Jay Stone - The Change Coach

Jay is a certified corporate and executive coach and business change leader, guiding passionate professional women to step into new unknowns with courage and get their fire back!

Through her coaching programmes, online courses, and communities, Jay guides professional managers to navigate successful careers through constant change and lead teams with confidence amidst chaos and uncertainty.


Jay has a truly mesmerizing way of delivering her content and expertise around "Thriving in Uncertainty".

Amy Blades

The world needs Jay and her teachings right now, more than ever. She gave us practical things to help us deal with change.

Anita Phagura

Jay’s presenting was natural, full of enthusiasm, organically passionate, backed up by hard fact and carefully directed at a diverse audience addressing key issues individually.

Anna-Marie Trzebinski

I would love to re-listen again and make notes and take it back to my service (NHS) to support some of my colleagues. Thank you Jay for this amazing insight!

Jules Rutherford

A few key things to note...

• We kick off on Monday 01 Fenruary 2021
• Daily videos will drop every day at 8 am and are 10 minutes long
• Daily tasks that you take away will take you about 10 minutes to do
• Facebook Live calls for Q&A will be on the same day at 1 pm for Q&A
• Don't forget to schedule the Friday Showdown at 1 pm, you won't want to miss it!

Just add your email and I'll see you there.