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The Explorers Map will take you on a 10-Week expedition to clear your head, overcome your fears,  steady your footing and map out the next step in your adventure!

It will set you on the course for success that is by design and not default, with you as the creator of your own story.

Finding your calm amidst the storm.
Overcoming fear and self-doubt with courage.
Creating more choice when life presents only challenges.
Becoming the curious explorer of your life's story.


Free 30-min Discovery Call

When the only thing for certain is change, you need to tap into your own internal compass to make your way through the uncertainty fog!


What else have we been up to....

Brunel University London

Jay Stone, a Change Management Specialist and Coach, delivers our next alumni webinar. In this session, Jay will give a whistle-stop tour of three fundamental human needs including ‘Survival and Safety, Growth and Evolution, and Affiliation and Belonging’. How can you not only survive in this pandemic, but thrive in it? Thriving Amidst Uncertainty: Take Control, Grow, and Build Relationships’ Jay works with managers who feel lost and overwhelmed by organisational change supporting them to lead careers and teams through uncertainty. Within organisations, Jay delivers change programmes that energise people and supports leaders to extract and translate visions of change that inspire and bring clarity to business activity.

Raleigh International

Raleigh for Change.

Working alongside Youth Development Charity, Raleigh International, Jay delivered a series of resilience workshops supporting young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to build confidence and ambition.


DISC Personality Profiling

A workshop aiming to create understanding & appreciation for our differences and raise awareness around strengths & blind spots of our own communication

Taming the Inner Critic

Learning reframing techniques to turn limiting beliefs into positive affirmations. Creating an understanding of how old beliefs that are adopted from others might be holding us back. 


Encouraging connections and the building of a powerful and inclusive community. Supporting each other and sharing skills and resources to bring about positive change.


A session to explore what coaching is, the benefits & the role of a coach. Learning to self-coach for personal effectiveness & how to maximise the potential of others using coaching.