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Stone Changes has a social change mission to support greater diversity into senior leadership positions. Through our programmes we support women, ethnic minorities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds to thrive amidst uncertainty and prevent workplace change undermining their professional and economical progress.


Jay has a truly mesmerising way of delivering her expertise in "Thriving in Uncertainty". Jay is able to provide tangible tools, grounded in years of scientific and change management research, that you can implement in your own life. It's given me the motivation to figure out my "North Star" and achieve it!

Amy Blades

Event Project Manager

The world needs Jay and her teachings right now, more than ever. She gave us practical things to help us deal with change. Jay was open, compassionate, and shared her own vulnerabilities enabling us to have a safe space to share ours too & empower us to come through this period of change.

Anita Phagura

Project Manager

Having Jay to challenge me has made me realise that nothing is impossible - it made me realise how resilient I am already. Coaching with Jay has allowed me the time and space to challenge my current way of thinking. I felt so comfortable working with Jay as she empathises and listens with interest.

Grace Kew

Education Consultant

Pooja Godhania

Pooja is a Sub Agent in the Construction industry and grew up in a deprived area of Luton. With recent changes being made, brought about by COVID, and the fact that Pooja is one of the very few women in her company, Pooja was working herself into the ground on her way to burnout trying to prove herself. She was looking for a way to create a better balance in her life and develop the interpersonal and leadership skills to navigate tricky work relationships.

Imperial College London
Agents of Change

Commissioned by Imperial College London, Jay co-created and facilitated a 6-month Women's Leadership programme aiming to empower and support female community leaders.

Agents of Change is a unique place-based female community leadership network for women who have an active interest in driving social change in the north of Hammersmith & Fulham, London. Established in 2018, Agents of Change aims to support, empower and connect its members.

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"We were extremely fortunate to find Jay who was flexible, helped develop the programme content and was also able to provide extensive coaching & pastoral support for participants, some of whom, struggled significantly with the personal reflection aspects of the programme."

Priya Pallan

Community Specialist | Imperial College London

Emma Winstanley

Emma is an Events Manager and was made redundant as a result of COVID19. As the events industry was one of the first to shut down and is likely to be one of the last to be reinstated, she has struggled to find employment. She was looking for a way to improve her confidence and mindset in finding a new role. Emma participated in one of Stone Changes 6-week coaching, career development, and leadership programmes.

Brunel University London
Thriving Amidst Uncertainty

Jay Stone, a Change Management Specialist and Coach, delivered a webinar for alumni providing practical tools for how you can not only survive in this pandemic, but thrive in it.

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"This was an excellent session. I found the info about the 'chimp mind' or our amygdala hijacking our emotions and ability to make decisions, very useful"

Ira Graber

PA to Institute Directors at Brunel University London

Mariana Vieira da Rocha

Mariana, a Volunteer Manager originally from Portugal, felt confused about her career direction and isolated due to the COVID situation being away from her family and friends. Having experienced depression before, Mariana wanted to find a proactive path through this pandemic and gain a renewed sense of motivation for her role. As a result of being on the programme she gained clarity, a sense of community, and healthy coping mechanisms.

Raleigh International

Raleigh for Change.

Working alongside Youth Development Charity, Raleigh International, Jay delivered a series of resilience workshops supporting young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to build confidence and ambition.

Stone Changes

The Art/Science to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty
Virtual Mini-Course

We delivered The Art/Science to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty Mini-course virtually as an immediate response to the COVID situation. The course provided practical techniques on how to cope amidst uncertainty, push pass internal barriers, and support personal well-being. 

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So far, I’ve felt like I’ve been sleepwalking through my career and I lost who I was. I’m on a journey to find out what is important to me. The course with Jay was brilliant!!! It was in bitesize challenges which each time pushed me slightly out of my comfort zone but also feel supported and energised. Her style is to provide information and context to each challenge and take you through a journey.

Helena Lachowycz

Project Manager

I have recently took a short 3 week course The Art/Science to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty and found it incredibly insightful and useful. Jay's course stood out from other coaching experiences by being extremely well based on science and yet so warm and personal at the same time! Jay's support was constant, attentive and incredibly professional throughout. Cannot recommend enough.

Ieva Gudaitė

Account Manager

The #MakeChangeYourBtch Mastermind

The #MakeChangeYourBtch Mastermind and movement is a social change project supporting women impacted by workplace change, working to prevent the negative impact that change has in undermining women’s progress and at the same time, making a stand for more diversity in senior leadership positions. 

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121 Coaching Testimonials

Coaching with Jay was energising. I just felt that more positive and stronger afterwards, and more equipped to deal with life's challenges.

Katie Webb | Writer 

Working with Jay helped me pin-point how I was holding myself back. It was such a positive and fun experience to work through areas of my own personal development

Ananya Das | PhD Graduate 

I was unsure what to expect going into coaching and a little sceptical, but what came out with was an amazing new outlook on life.

Rebecca Lawlor | Event Manager

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DISC Personality Profiling

A workshop aiming to create understanding & appreciation for our differences and raise awareness around strengths & blind spots of our own communication

Taming the Inner Critic

Learning reframing techniques to turn limiting beliefs into positive affirmations. Creating an understanding of how old beliefs that are adopted from others might be holding us back. 


Encouraging connections and the building of a powerful and inclusive community. Supporting each other and sharing skills and resources to bring about positive change.


A session to explore what coaching is, the benefits & the role of a coach. Learning to self-coach for personal effectiveness & how to maximise the potential of others using coaching.