A Woman's Way To Master Change

Feeling lost & overwhelmed about how to navigate your career or 
lead your team amidst so much uncertainty?!

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Feeling lost in the sea of uncertainty?

This is about taking control of your career and developing yourself as a positive leader of change, for yourself and your team.

What's it all about?

Coming Together with Courage to Overcome this Challenge

❌ Are you struggling to keep motivated and lead your team through change?

❌ Are you stuck in reactive mode with no time to consider what to focus on first?

❌ Are you left feeling exhausted and trapped in Groundhog Day!

Hey, I hear you.

I feel you. πŸ˜…

In the face of self-doubt, fear and chaos, if you're ready to step up as a leader with confidence...

If you're prepared to discover what is possible for you coming out of this pandemic...

If you're willing to find a positive and clear path forward and emerge from this even stronger... 

...then read on lovely! ✌️

So, what can you expect from the Mastermind?

An exclusive 4-6 members group over six weeks!

Encouraging great managers to become excellent leaders of change...

⭐️ Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills & behaviours to thrive amidst uncertainty, so you can feel confident.

⭐️ Stake a claim on your energy, creating capacity for what is most important, focusing on the 20% providing 80% of the value.

⭐️ Help your team emotionally & mentally to achieve excellence amidst uncertainty, and lead your team through change.

⭐️ Safeguard against exhaustion & burnout, arming yourself with coping strategies, &  keeping colleagues & teams motivated & engaged.

⭐️ Expand your network with others dealing with the same struggles as you, gaining the inspiration & motivation to lead.

1. Coaching:

⭐️ 1-2-1 coaching with me (Jay), addressing your specific challenges, fears and leadership journey.

⭐️ Facilitated group coaching conversations so you can hear the stories & mishaps of other like-spirited women.

⭐️ BONUS discovery call to explore your DISC Personality Profile and leadership strengths. 

2.  Classes: 

⭐️ Explore personal & leadership development topics so you can remain adaptable &resilient to change.

⭐️ Understand change psychology, practicalities & philosophies to lead your team effectively through uncertainty.

⭐️ Classes, course workbooks & practical coaching challenges so you can apply to your own experiences.


3. Community:

⭐️ Exclusive Members Group with other like-spirited women, networking, connecting & supporting each other. 

⭐️ Access to additional resources, live calls, virtual cocktail lounges & soooo many more goodies.

⭐️ And of course, a whole lotta positive cheerleading, championing & challenging with me in your corner!



πŸ“ŒWHO: Female Professional Managers - 4-6 members
πŸ“ŒWHAT: 6-Week Coaching Programme
πŸ“ŒWHEN: Starts 20 July 
πŸ“ŒHOW: Book your bonus Discovery Call to nab your spot

Psssst! A coaching programme like this is USUALLY priced at over Β£997!


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The #MakeChangeYourBtch Mastermind

Usually Β£997 - 60% off pilot price!


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Leading the change in your life with confidence.

This is your opportunity to be a better leader, to connect with yourself and others.

It's about grounding yourself so that you can handle both the pressures from above and the expectations from below!

You will find the clarity, confidence and calm to finally set yourself up on a path that is true to you and your purpose!

So, that no matter how uncertain and chaotic the world seems, you know exactly where you're headed.

Yup, I cover EVERYTHING you need to get your mind clear, your butt in gear and ready to take those courageous steps through your fear!

Let me lay this out...

You can either struggle with change or you can be the creator of a new story where you are in control. 

Burnout, overwhelm, and exhaustion have become a 'rite of passage' experience for a lot of women…

Don't let this be your story! πŸ’›

If you seize this opportunity now, you can emerge stronger from this crisis than you were at the outset.

We only have a few spots left at this SPECIAL PILOT PRICE 🀩

And one of them has your name on it!

There's nothing else quite like it out there... 

Combining 1:2:1 & group coaching, course content, practical challenges and a community of like-spirited women...

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What other Professional Female Managers are say...

Developing your leadership style, building resilience, and shaping a mindset to THRIVE!

Jay has a truly mesmerising way of delivering her expertise in "Thriving in Uncertainty". Jay is able to provide tangible tools, grounded in years of scientific and change management research, that you can implement in your own life. It's given me the motivation to figure out my "North Star" and achieve it!

Amy Blades

Event Project Manager

The world needs Jay and her teachings right now, more than ever. She gave us practical things to help us deal with change.  Jay was open, compassionate, and shared her own vulnerabilities enabling us to have a safe space to share ours too & empower us to come through this period of change.

Anita Phagura

Project Manager

Having Jay to challenge me has made me realise that nothing is impossible - it made me realise how resilient I am already. Coaching with Jay has allowed me the time and space to challenge my current way of thinking. I felt so comfortable working with Jay as she empathises and listens with interest. 

Grace Kew

Education Consultant

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The #MakeChangeYourBtch Mastermind

Usually Β£997 - 60% off pilot price

Β£398.80 πŸ€©

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Ana Das

"Working with Jay helped me pin-point how I was holding myself back. Coaching for me was an opportunity to explore areas that I was struggling with in a safe space. It’s an opportunity to go within yourself and find the answers and have someone help guide you to find those answers."

Register before the doors close...

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I just can't wait to see you there!

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Coming Straight to your Lounge!

You'll be joining us from the comfort of your home!

A six-week journey guiding you through a set of coaching tools for overcoming your fears, navigating your career in this highly volatile landscape and leading teams through change!

Example content and practical tools...

From self-coaching techniques to team leadership, mindset tactics and tools for overcoming self-doubt...and so much more...

Sneak Peak at Example...
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More kind words....

Jay’s presenting was natural, full of enthusiasm, organically passionate, backed up by hard fact and carefully directed at a diverse audience addressing key issues individually. I was impressed with Jay’s ability to engage everyone.

Anna-Marie Trzebinski
- Event Director -

Jay's course stood out from other coaching experiences by being extremely well based in science and yet so warm and personal at the same time. Jay's support was constant, attentive and incredibly professional throughout. Cannot recommend her enough.

Ieva Gudaite
- Account Manager -