Jay Stone - The Change Coach

Jay is a certified corporate coach and change management practitioner and works with women to get their fire back!! Through coaching programmes, online courses, and communities, Jay guides professional managers in navigating successful careers amidst constant change and leading teams with confidence through uncertainty.

Jay has a business background spanning 10-years and has spent the last seven researching and speaking to women and men about their experiences of change. She was taking on roles at work that involved managing people through uncertainty and coaching senior executives to lead change with a people focus.

Working directly with staff to help them build greater understanding, resilience, and mental toughness for change she was also coaching women outside of work on a 1:1 basis. Starting up her own coaching practice, Jay now runs coaching programmes, online courses and communities for professionals.   

Hi, I'm Jay



Agents of Change

Imperial College London
"We were extremely fortunate to find Jay who was flexible, helped develop the programme content and was also able to provide extensive coaching & pastoral support for participants, some of whom, struggled significantly with the personal reflection aspects of the programme."

- Priya Pallan | Imperial College London -