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Clarity Amidst Uncertainty

Practical Tools for Managers Leading Careers & Teams through Change.

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Feeling lost in an ocean of uncertainty...

are your emotions up, down & everywhere?
are you feeling overwhelmed or out of your comfort zone?
are you confused about what to do next?

What To Do When You Don't Know!

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The Change Cafe

In this episode of The Change Cafe with Jay,  I interview neuroscientist, psychologist and badass Mama, Evelina Dzimanaviciute, as she explains how we can navigate these tricky times and come out on top! We talk about the challenges managers face in this volatile working world and how we can rewire our brain for better leadership and communication!


"Working with Jay helped me pin-point how I was holding myself back. Coaching for me was an opportunity to explore areas that I was struggling with in a safe space. It’s an opportunity to go within yourself and find the answers and have someone help guide you to find those answers."

Hey, I'm Jay

Like me, you will have a story of your own struggle where you thought "how the hell am I gonna get through this?".

But you see, you did!

At 25, I lost my mum to breast cancer. Just after that, my company went through a huge period of change...and it pulled the rug from under me!

 I vowed to Never. Feel. Like. That. Again! 

Frustrated, confused and lost, I set out on my own adventure in search of a way to combat my fears of the unknown, step out-of-my-comfort zone and win!

And I travelled the world talking to people.

Now, I'm committed to supporting others in finding clarity in a constantly changing world, working with women to design successful careers,  wellbeing &  wild joy!




Agents of Change

Imperial College London
"We were extremely fortunate to find Jay who was flexible, helped develop the programme content and was also able to provide extensive coaching & pastoral support for participants, some of whom, struggled significantly with the personal reflection aspects of the programme."

- Priya Pallan | Imperial College London -


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