Creating Clarity Amidst Uncertainty

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Guiding Professional Women to Navigate Successful Careers through Change
and Lead Teams With Confidence

The Navigation Project

An online, 8-week group coaching experience for determined women who feel lost to find career clarity and confidence, so they can step into their next lead role by the end of 2021.

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Thrive Amidst Uncertainty
Carving a Positive Path through Change!

Join Jay as she walks you through the practical tools to create clarity and confidence in your next step.

The Explorers Journey
1:1 Coaching Programme
A programme for determined professional women feeling lost and frustrated, unsure about what their next step should be.
Through 1:1 coaching, exercises, and various tricks and techniques, I will guide you to broaden your options, explore new possibilities and create a long-term plan to reach your potential as leaders within your profession.
Are you a passionate professional woman ready to get career clarity and leadership confidence?


Coaching with Jay was energising. I just felt that more positive and stronger afterwards, and more equipped to deal with life's challenges.

Katie Webb | Writer 

Working with Jay helped me pin-point how I was holding myself back. It was such a positive and fun experience to work through areas of my own personal development

Ananya Das | PhD Graduate 

I was unsure what to expect going into coaching and a little sceptical, but what came out with was an amazing new outlook on life.

Rebecca Lawlor | Event Manager

Imperial College London

Women's Leadership programme to empower and support female community leaders commissioned by  Imperial College London.

Learn more about how Stone Changes can support your organisation
deliver an engaging women's leadership programme.

Ana Das

Working with Jay helped me pin-point how I was holding myself back. [Coaching for me] is an opportunity to explore and pinpoint areas that I was struggling with within a safe space, in a way that is supportive. It’s an opportunity to go within yourself and find the answers and having someone help guide you to find those answers.

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Jay Stone

Jay is a certified corporate coach and change management practitioner, guiding passionate professional women to step into new unknowns with courage and find their fire again!

Through her coaching programmes, online courses and communities, Jay guides professional managers to navigate successful careers through constant change and lead teams with confidence amidst uncertainty.



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